Brett & Conolly Wards, Homerton Hospital

Client: East London NHS trust
Value: £0.350m
Contract Period: 9 Weeks (Phased)
Form of Contract: JCT IFC
Contract Administrator: IngletonWood: QuantitySurveyor
Castons: Works

Works involved the alteration and refurbishment of the Conolly & Brett Wards on the 1st floor at the City & Hackney Centre for Mental Health. Works to each ward were carried out on a 4 week programme allowing for a 1 week decant period between phases.

Project Details:-

The strip out of existing furniture and fittings together with the reconfiguration of existing walls.

Full M&E and new associated plant with out of hours work to areas remaining in occupation.

New walls and ceilings together with doors, screens and windows etc.

Finishings included full decorations and soft floor coverings together with curtains and blinds.